Research interests

Diversification Dynamics

The rise and fall of branches in the tree of life depends on the balance between speciation and extinction. Therefore, to understand the dynamics of diversification we need to understand the mechanisms determining the rate at which events of extinctions and speciation occur. My current research project aims at unraveling the role of ecological interactions and immigrations in shaping the diversification of mammals.

Structure and dynamics of ecological networks

Species in a given locality interact in different and complex ways forming a complex web of interactions. The structure of such webs have many implications for system properties and functioning. One of my main interests is to understand the mechanisms that organize interaction webs and the implications of their structure for robustness and stability. I am particularly interested in the role of ecological interactions in the collapse of ancient ecological systems.

Intrapopulation resource use patterns

Much of the current understanding of ecological systems is based on theory that does not explicitly take into account individual variation within natural populations. However, individuals may show substantial variation in resource use. I am interested in the resource use patterns that emerge from this heterogeneity and its ecological implications.


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Departamento de Ecologia,
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Universidade de São Paulo,
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